Invisible to eyes, not to ears

Jun 2019  RadioWorks Blog

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There is rising pressure for brands to produce ads with a capacity to cross a consumer’s cognitive threshold. Customers are now, in some ways, burdened with the sheer volume of choice. And as the marketplace becomes more cluttered, consumers are acting first, thinking later and increasingly – almost instinctively, choosing to avoid ads… Fortunately for brands, Radio is one of the lowest in terms of ad avoidance than any other medium.

According to WARC, consumer decision making is not always fully conscious, but almost ‘invisible’. This idea famously corresponds with Daniel Kahneman’s ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ theory. Kahneman explores the concept of Type 1 thinking: fast, intuitive thinking based on instinct or impulse as well as slow, cognitive and logical thinking (Type 2). In other words, fast thinking is almost ‘invisible’ – but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Not for audio, it isn’t. Radio doesn’t require visual attention and is more trusted by listeners than any other medium (source: EBU Trust Barometer). And with no ad blockers for audio, this vital channel provides brands with precious cut through and ability to reach consumers in an ad avoiding world.

As for listeners participating in other activities, Radiocentre’s Hear and Now study proves that people process messages from Radio – even on autopilot. This research dispels the myth that people do not process Radio advertising whilst doing other things, such as cooking, driving, exercising and working.

Audio’s ability to get messages across to both actively engaged and preoccupied audiences just goes to show how powerful the medium truly is, and more significantly the vital leg up it delivers brands today in order to stand out in the crowd.


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