Pandemic provides major online listening boost for radio plus, 3 golden rules brands should consider post lockdown

Aug 2020  Radio News

online listening boost

Pandemic provides major online listening boost for radio

No new data is being released today for RAJAR Q2, 2020 with the exception of updated population figures.

But the radio industry in general has seen its own online streaming figures reach record highs as listening habits changed during lockdown.

In the absence of new data, RAJAR, together with its Stakeholders’ insights, will be releasing a market overview in the next few weeks about ‘Listening in Lockdown’. The scale of the available data means that RAJAR can only focus on generic listening behaviour and not individual stations or brands.

This report will be made available publicly first week in August as to avoid any confusion with a RAJAR release.

But in the meantime, here are some facts and quotes from the groups and stations.


3 golden rules brands should consider post lockdown

Head of Maple Street, Ally Lang shares his top 3 golden rules brands should consider when preparing for a bounce-back post lockdown.

Remember how five years ago, in a world of meeting up, hanging out, and being down with the in-crowd, you developed your moves like Jagger? Well, in this post, we’re going to tell you all about how you can now brand it like Bezos… and with a CPT as low as 60p…

During the second half of the 2003/04 football season, Manager, Iain Dowie took his Crystal Palace side from the brink of relegation to the play-off final and up into the Premiership, during which time, Dowie coined the phrase bouncebackability. If memory serves, the word was used, not to describe a return to the top tier, but the feeling of getting into a groove of doing well and regaining your mojo.

Retailers, restaurants and even tattoo parlours have been working their way back over the last couple of weeks, and next up are gyms, bowling alleys, and casinos. How can they ensure there’s a bounce to them being back?

Maple Street Creative

Hits Radio Pride: New LGBTQ+ pop up station to launch on DAB

Bauer Media UK announces the launch of Hits Radio Pride, a new dedicated LGBTQ+ pop-up radio station in partnership with The Co-operative Bank. The station is set to be an inclusive, fun, uplifting listen aimed at music-loving 25-45-year olds, playing some of the 21st century’s biggest artists who are much loved by the LGBTQ+ community.

Hits Radio Pride will go live on 28th August and that weekend will also see all stations across the Hits Radio Network celebrating Pride with The Hits Radio Network’s Pride Weekend.


RAJAR Q2 2020 update from the RadioWorks Group

Last week, there would have normally been be an announcement of the latest RAJAR results. But as many of you will have seen, RAJAR was unable to carry out fieldwork during lockdown. So, an agreement has been made with all involved, in light of RAJAR data being frozen, to apply an update within trading systems thereafter using a 12 month sample.

RAJAR has also announced that they have been running their own tracking survey throughout the lockdown period, and will soon be releasing a market overview about ‘Listening in Lockdown’. This will focus mainly on generic listening behaviour and not individual stations or brands.

So, what does this mean for advertisers? Find out here.


How to find the perfect voice for your brand?

Whether it’s a radio commercial, video voiceover, podcast intro, or any other piece of audio that makes up your company’s branding; the voice you use can be a hugely important factor.

The first factors I like to consider are the emotions and other descriptors you like to associate with your brand. The terms, ‘exciting, upbeat, and vibrant’ have very different connotations to ‘trustworthy, steadfast, and secure’.

Is the rest of your branding friendly and relatable, warm and comforting, or cool and authoritative? Many of these characterisations can be used to start off a voiceover search to find the talent that can embody these emotions. Find out which four key factors to consider when picking the perfect voice for your band.

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