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Apr 2020  RadioWorks Blog

tuning in

By now, life from home has just begun to settle in and how we get through the day is heavily dependent on our ability to juggle. Balancing work, chores, restless kids, pets and if you’re lucky, downtime has become a recurring feature every day. And while the former leaves a lot to be desired, whether you realise it or not, we’ve managed to go about our new routines almost instinctively. Much like our ability to climatise in these situations, radio has found a way to adapt in light of the growing strains on our nation. Presenters host from home and content changes, yet radio’s ability to reach listeners in a crisis remains unscathed. Bottom line is, radio will always have your back. And with Easter fast approaching, many will be tuning in to their pal radio to get them through the holiday period.


Radio’s that friend where there’s never an awkward silence

Tuning in to radio means a lot of things. One of the many ways it comes in handy is on the days that move a bit slower than usual. Radio is a constant voice in the home and offers a positive safe space for those looking to escape the silence.


Radio’s that friend who’s always in the know

Radio is the nation’s most trusted companion. It has always been a staple in keeping us informed and in the know, which is more vital today than ever. As dependence on news increases, speech stations are reporting significant spikes in listening. LBC’s reach is up 43% and talkRADIO has seen a 20% increase in listening hours and 16% reach week-on-week. With trust in media still a major topic, it’s pleasing to know we can count on radio to keep us up to date.


Radio’s that friend you can call at 2 am

Whether you’re looking to wind down after a heavy night of virtual pub quizzing or struggling to drift off in the evening, radio’s that friend who’s there for you in all hours of the day… or night. If you’ve ever battled to get to sleep, you’ll know just how irritating it is. Luckily radio programming is packed with content around the clock. From Mellow Magic, to Smooth Chill, you’ll certainly find something to help you nod off on days like these.


Radio’s that friend you can count on to pick you up

Radio is a welcome distraction from all the chaos in our lives. If you’ve managed to tear yourself away from life admin or work, you can count on radio to put some pep back in your step. There’s an enormous amount of content suited to whatever you’re in the mood for, whether that’s light comedy with Gamble and Crosby on Radio X; KISSTORY for a shimmy in the kitchen or Wellness Hour with JACK Radio. Whatever tickles your fancy, radio will be there for you.


As the temporary norm evolves we’ll keep updating you with the latest news and why radio is such an important tool in light of the current climate. For more information, please contact the RadioWorks team




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